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A little background on us...

Limitless Cables was created out of a desire to create art.
Just like you, we are fellow musicians that have dealt with the struggles of finding extremely high quality products at reasonable prices that just look plain sexy.

All of our cables are handmade in Tulsa, OK with the best parts available and a totally custom vibe.
We’ve researched and tested every cable and connector combo we could get our hands on and ended up with something really special that we know you will enjoy.

Our mission is to specialize in bringing you the sexiest, jaw dropping, ear tickling cables you've ever seen and heard.

We hope you will feel and hear the love and detail that goes into each one of our cables.
You know when a leprechaun finds his pot of gold? This is just like that! You have just found your very own pot of gold.

Come join us on this crazy adventure and experience something like you haven't ever before.